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Picking Beans

'I made a number of great friends who inspire me to live more sustainably'

Natalie Scott works for a transport engineering consultancy Read profile

'I investigated sustainable transport routes to and around the University'

Kelli Campbell Master of Science with first class honours in geography. Read profile

'The office gave me the opportunity to work on sustainability issues'

Alicia Sudden is promoting Fair Trade Bananas. Read profile

'There is something special about having nature provide for you'

Andrew Crowe was an Eco Change Agent. Read profile

'Mentoring 100 students to “eco” their flat was heaps of fun'

Ants Field is developing an eco-consulting business. Read profile

'A paper about Business and the Environment opened my eyes to sustainability issues'

Jason Pemberton won the 2013 Supreme UC Sustainability Award. Read profile

'The Sustainability Office provided a way to connect socially with others, but in a really meaningful way'

Lisa Geary supervises a chemistry laboratory. Read profile

'I made a number of great friends who inspire me to live more sustainably'

Megan Coup is an On-Farm-Resource Office. Read profile

'I organised projects around sustainability and building community'

Rosalee Jenkin is interested in how art gets people thinking outside the box. Read profile

'I developed a model to map the ways in which people are “locked in” to energy'

Stacy Rendall is an energy systems researcher. Read profile

'The research I conducted helped me appreciate the complexity of how to create sustainable change'

Zo Zho specialises in digital marketing. Read profile

Eco Office Programme

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