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Welcome to Eco-my-flat

Eco-my-flat is a simple, guided, programme to help you green up your flat with easy, low-cost living tips. In the past Eco My Flat has been run as a very successful competition. More recently, eco-my-flatters told us that the competition aspect was not as important as building a sense of community with other interested students.

Why is Eco-My-Flat important?

We all need to learn how to reduce the impact of our lives on the earth. Changing day-to-day behaviours and habits (no matter how small) and sticking to them for a lifetime can make a real difference over the years. Eco-living can also often cost a lot less, and requires creative, innovative approaches to everyday household issues. Tertiary students are an ideal group to lead that creativity, while saving a few bucks for their back pockets as well.

Eco My Flat in 2014

UC's campus environment club, Kakariki, is currently exploring how to implement the Eco My Flat framework within the UC student community. In the meantime, if you are setting up a flat or want to fine tune your existing home, here is the Eco My Flat guide with lots of tips and tricks for making your home sustainable.


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