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Support Fairtrade!

Why support Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a movement which aims to end the injustice in the current global trade system that bankrupts and starves farmers in poorer nations. The more we support Fair Trade the bigger the impact we make on the lives of small-scale producers all over the world. Buying Fair Trade helps create a better life for growers, pickers, artisans, and clothing cooperative members. Whole communities also benefit from Fair Trade. As well as a guaranteed minimum price, Fair Trade is about achieving long term job stability, fair working conditions and provides funding for healthcare, education and other aspects of social development for their communities. For more information about fair trade and the benefits it brings to vulnerable communities around the world, visit; Fairtrade Australia New Zealand, Trade Aid, and the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Aurora and Alejandra Izquierdo from the ANEI coffee co-operative in northern Colombia, pose with a sack of their organisation’s coffee destined for shipment to Trade Aid.

Source: Justin Purser, Trade Aid.





Universities and Fair Trade

UC is committed to the principles and practices of being a socially responsible institution. Supporting Fair Trade growers and producers is an important way to demonstrate this. Becoming a Fair Trade campus also encourages student to become globally aware of key social and environmental issues. The University of Canterbury is making good progress to become a Fair Trade certified university, recognised by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand is the peak agency driving the growth of the Fair Trade movement in Aotearoa New Zealand.


In September 2016, The University of Canterbury changed its Procurement Policy, committing UC to achieving and sustaining the status of an accredited Fair Trade University, complying with the minimum requirements as defined by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ).

In October 2016, the UCSA Executive Committee approved a Sustainability Policy which declares a committment to supplying ethical and sustainable products through its retail operations.


A UC Fair Trade Accreditation Steering Group was established in December 2016. Members include representatives from UC Procurement, UC Sustainability, UCSA, campus cafes and academics.

UC Fair Trade Accreditation Steering Group Terms of Reference 2016


Fair Trade certified products are made readily available at reasonable prices in as many on-campus retail outlets as possible. Fair Trade products most commonly stocked in campus cafes include coffee, hot chocolate, and chocolate.

  1. All UCSA cafes selling coffee stock Jailbreaker Coffee, which in turn buys its coffee from Trade Aid.
  2. Cafe 101, and Reboot all sell Fair Trade certified coffee from Vivace .This coffee is available on request for an extra 20c. These cafes also sell Fair Trade hot drinking chocolate and chocolate bars.
We're working on it!

In September 2016, UC's Procurement Policy was altered to require that the University’s preferred supplier of canteen consumables (Office Max) will only offer Fair Trade tea and coffee options. This means that all UC cost centers purchasing beverages should be switching to purchasing Fair Trade tea and coffee as they restock their kitchens from November 2016 onwards. Coffee served at UC Council and SMT meetings will therefore by default, be fair trade.

Tea and coffee is not supplied at UCSA meetings as a matter of course. However Fair Trade coffee and tea are made available to UCSA staff in the staff kitchen.

What you can do to support Fairtrade at UC

  • Take part in Fairtrade Fortnight, held every year. UC always hosts an event! Contact if you have any ideas about hosting an event, or want to take part in one.
  • Host a 'Fair Trade Friday' morning or afternoon tea, which helps to raise awareness about Fair Trade in your department..
  • Students: why not start up a Fair Trade Club? Talk to the Sustainability Office and UCSA about how to do this.
  • Black Gold is a must-see documentary.


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